All HIBIKI Restaurants in Japan

HIBIKI - JR Akihabara Station 1-minute walk
Tokyo 03-5295-2800 (+81-3-5295-2800)
HIBIKI - JR Shimbashi Station 6-minute walk
Tokyo 03-6215-8051 (+81-3-6215-8051)
HIBIKI - JR Shinagawa Station Takanawa Exit 1-minute walk
Tokyo 03-5793-8250 (+81-3-5793-8250)
HIBIKI - JR Shinjuku Station Koshu Highway wicket 1-minute walk
Tokyo 03-5333-5501 (+81-3-5333-5501)
HIBIKI - JR Shinjuku Station southeast Exit 1-minute walk
Tokyo 03-3355-4371 (+81-3-3355-4371)
HIBIKI - JR Shinjuku Station West Exit 5-minute walk
Tokyo 03-5909-7180 (+81-3-5909-7180)
HIBIKI - JR Tokyo Station 3-minute walk
Tokyo 03-5208-8275 (+81-3-5208-8275)
HIBIKI - Kagoshima City Line Tenmonkantuuden stop 3-minute walk
Kagoshima 099-223-0441 (+81-99-223-0441)
HIBIKI - Subway Tameike-Sanno Station Exit 13 2-minute walk
Tokyo 03-5545-7615 (+81-3-5545-7615)
HIBIKI - Yurikamome Daiba Station 2-minute walk
Tokyo 03-3599-5500 (+81-3-3599-5500)

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As one of the most traveled countries in Asia, Japan offers visitors not only the feast for the eyes but also the zesty, tasty cuisine beyond words. In Japan, you will probably get lost in various Japanese restaurants, from traditional Japanese Sushi, Seafood to Modern Western, Asian cuisine, from casual dining bars to exotic grand hotels, and from fast food to organic one. Here menuwithprice has selected some worth-dining restaurants for you, and you can have a clear view of their menus, prices, locations information, etc, and most of all, all in English!

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