2986 Location and Menu in Aichi, Japan

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Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday & Day before holiday 17:00 - 1:00, the following day Sunday & Holiday 17:00 - 24:00

Restaurant Menu

Grilled beef 1,296 Yen
Grilled beef 3,002 Yen
Grilled beef 2,786 Yen
Grilled beef 3,002 Yen
Lamb chops 1,922 Yen
Roast duck 1,922 Yen
Assorted dishes 1,382 Yen
French country-style pate 734 Yen
Liver 518 Yen
Marinade 842 Yen
Other hams / sausages / smoked meats 1,382 Yen
Bagna cauda 1,300 Yen
Roast beef 950 Yen
Other gratins / dorias 734 Yen
Other simmered dishes 1,280 Yen
Foie gras poele 1,296 Yen
Grilled vegetables 842 Yen A dish of vegetables grilled in a frypan, oven, or on a grill.
Other deep fried foods / chips 680 Yen
Assorted dishes 1,296 Yen
Veuve Ambal Blanc de Blanc (Dry) Mild & sweet aroma like apricot jam or cotton candy with a fresh herb and citrus flavor combination
Moscato Petalo Bottega (Italy, Sweet) Peach like taste with a scent of rose and the distinctive sweetness of moscato
Freixenet X (Spain, Dry) A fresh & vibrant scent like pear and lime 
Les Vigneaux Merlot Organic (Medium Light) Perfectly ripened wine from the South of France filled with the deliciousness of grape 
Nature Vivante Rouge (Medium) The name of this wine means _?vivid nature_?
Dourthe Bois Mirail Blanc (Dry) Fresh citrus aroma with a mild taste 
Chateu Des Eyssards Blanc (Dry) Sweet aromatic fruity wine with a ripe apple flavor 
Muscat Bailey A, Yamanashi Prefecture (Light) Produced naturally and organically, easy-to-drink wine  
Ste. Neige Classe d'Or (Medium)  Red wine with grapes blended with just the right balance. Perfect tannin with a smooth taste 
Koshu, Yamanashi Prefecture (Medium Dry)  Slightly dry, sharp but well-balanced flavor 
Alps Shinshu Niagara, Additive-Free (Medium Sweet) Mild taste and sophisticated flavor
Grilled beef 1,296 Yen
Grilled beef 3,002 Yen

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