Teg tonton Location and Menu in Kyoto, Japan

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Hours of Operation

Friday & Day before holiday Dinner: 17:00 - 24:00(L.O.23:00) Dinner: 17:00 - 23:30(L.O.23:00)

Restaurant Menu

Pork short ribs 2,800 Yen Meals For 4Pork dish made using meat cut from the ribs called “Kalbi.”
Samgyeopsal 1,400 Yen Meals For 1
Beef hotpot 3,350 Yen
Offal hotpot 3,200 Yen
Kimchi hotpot 2,700 Yen
Stir-fried spicy organ meat 1,500 Yen A dish of beef innards mixed and stir-fried in a Korean spicy chili paste sauce.
Horumon yaki (grilled organ meat) 950 Yen Grilled dish of organ meat called “Horumon.”
Sausage / Wiener 500 Yen
Spicy cod innards 550 Yen
Marinated cod roe 550 Yen Cod ovaries which are marinated in seasonings and flavored.
Seafood pajeon 900 Yen
Seafood pajeon 850 Yen
Pajeon 850 Yen
Avocado and tofu salad 800 Yen A salad of avocado and tofu.
Korean-style salad 600 Yen
Horumon (organ meat) 650 Yen Meat dish made using cuts called “Horumon.”
Chicken stir-fry with gochujang sauce 1,400 Yen
Tteokbokki 750 Yen
Japchae 800 Yen
Eggs 600 Yen Chicken eggs. They can be used in cooking by boiling and frying them.
Gyeran jjim 650 Yen
Fried chicken 900 Yen Chicken meat lightly battered and fried in oil.
Fried chicken 600 Yen Chicken meat lightly battered and fried in oil.
Jjigae 850 Yen
Egg soup 400 Yen
Nokke(raw salmon) Rice 800 Yen Meat, seafood, and vegetables served over rice
Nokke(raw salmon) Rice 750 Yen Meat, seafood, and vegetables served over rice
Sushi roll 700 Yen
Sushi roll 800 Yen
Gukbap 550 Yen
Asahi super dry 480 Yen Medium Mug
Hite beer 600 Yen Medium Bottle
Asahi super drynon-alcoholic 450 Yen Medium Bottle
fresh lemon sour 500 Yen
fresh grapefruit sour 500 Yen
aisu-no-mi sour 500 Yen
gari-gari-kunn sour 500 Yen
plain sour 430 Yen
lemon sour 430 Yen
lime sour 430 Yen
grapefruit sour 430 Yen
mango sour 430 Yen
acerola sour 430 Yen
Japanese citrona sour 430 Yen
calpis sour 430 Yen
makgeolli 450 Yen
pear makgeolli 450 Yen
black soybean makgolli 450 Yen
makgeolli with soda 500 Yen
Mageolli with jingre ale 500 Yen
Makgeolli with coke 500 Yen
makgeolli with orange juice 500 Yen
makgeolli with japanese citrona 500 Yen
sangria 500 Yen
red wine 500 Yen
Chamisul 400 Yen Glass
C-1 950 Yen 360ml
Chamisul grapefruit taste 1,200 Yen 360ml
Cyoumucyoron Yuzu taste 1,200 Yen 360ml
Chounday peach taste 1,200 Yen 360ml
JINRO 1,000 Yen 360ml
Cyonga 1,000 Yen 360ml
Ichiban Fuda 400 Yen Glass
Kuro Kirishima 400 Yen Glass
Kuro Yokaichi Mugi 400 Yen Glass
Kodakara mango 500 Yen Glass
Kodakara yuzu 500 Yen Glass
Syouchikubai Goukai 700 Yen Ichi-go (180ml)
Sparkring Mio 900 Yen Half Bottle
Goukai 550 Yen Half Bottle
Oolong Tea 300 Yen
Cola 300 Yen
Ginger Ale 300 Yen
Calpico Water 300 Yen
Orange Juice 300 Yen
Grapefruit Juice 300 Yen
Mango Juice 300 Yen
Yuzu Tea 300 Yen
Pear Juice 300 Yen
Chinese cabbage kimchi 350 Yen
Kimchi 400 Yen
Spicy cod innards 450 Yen
Chilled tofu 350 Yen Tofu that is chilled and served with condiments and soy sauce.
Korean seaweed 300 Yen A kind of 'nori' seaweed seasoned with salt and sesame oil, which is widely eaten in Korea
Reimen 950 Yen
Somen (Wheat noodles) 600 Yen Noodles made from wheat flour, water and salt etc. Thinly sliced and boiled.
Other mixed rice / rice dishes 150 Yen Small Serving
Other ice cream / frozen desserts 280 Yen
Vanilla ice cream 350 Yen
Other ice cream / frozen desserts 400 Yen
Pork short ribs 1,450 Yen Meals For 2Pork dish made using meat cut from the ribs called “Kalbi.”
Samgyeopsal 2,100 Yen Meals For 2
Chamisul 950 Yen 360ml
Syouchikubai Goukai 1,200 Yen Ni-go (360ml)
Other mixed rice / rice dishes 200 Yen Medium Serving
Other mixed rice / rice dishes 250 Yen Large Serving

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