Sultan Location and Menu in Osaka, Japan

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Hours of Operation

Monday - Saturday Dinner: 17:30 - 22:30(L.O.21:30)

Restaurant Menu

A course_?・??_Soup of the day, assorted appetizers (2 varieties), Turkish bread, chicken kebab or Adana kebab, chai or coffee)
B course_?・??_Soup of the day, assorted appetizers (3 varieties), Turkish bread, assorted kebab (2 varieties), chai or coffee)
C course_?・??_Soup of the day, assorted appetizers (4 varieties), Turkish bread, pizza or fish dish, assorted kebab (3 varieties), dessert)
Banquet course_?・??_Assorted appetizers (6 varieties), Turkish bread, dish of the day, assorted kebab (4 varieties), Turkish pizza, dessert and others)
Chef's special assorted appetizers (6 varieties)
Handmade bread_?・??_freshly-baked Turkish bread)
Hummus_?・??_Dip made with chick pea and sesame paste)
Acili ezme_?・??_Spicy dip made with tomato, vegetables and herbs)
Midye dolma_?・??_Stuffed mussels with rice pilaf)
Biber dolma_?・??_Stuffed peppers with rice pilaf)
Kudzu shish_?・??_Lamb kebab)
Tavuk shish_?・??_Chicken kebab)
Adana kebab_?・??_Minced spicy beef and lamb on skewer)
Istim kebab_?・??_Doner kebab wrapped in eggplant)
Hellim salad_?・??_Grilled halloumi cheese salad)
Akdeniz salad_?・??_(Turkish white cheese and vegetable salad)
Lahmacun_?・??_(Turkish pizza)
Peynirli pide_?・??_(Turkish pizza with cheese)
Kiymali pide_?・??_(Turkish pizza with minced beef and egg)
Ispanakli Pide_?・??_(Turkish pizza with spinach and prawn)
Karides guvec_?・??_(Prawn casserole with tomato sauce)
Kuzu sote_?・??_(Lamb casserole - stewed lamb and tomato sauce)
Tavuk sote_?・??_(Stewed chicken in tomato sauce)
Kasarli durum_?・??_(Rolled sandwich with cheese and beef of your choice)
Iskender kebab_?・??_(Doner kebab with yogurt sauce and tomato sauce)
Doner kebab_?・??_(Beef kebab)
Patlıcan kebab_?・??_(Adana kebab and eggplant on skewer)
Dondurma_?・??_(Chewy Ice cream)
Baklava_?・??_(Pie with nuts and syrup coating)
Kazan dib_?・??_(Turkish milk pudding)

* Disclaimer: Information shown on the website may not cover recent changes. For current price and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.

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