Motojun Location and Menu in Tokyo, Japan

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Hours of Operation

Monday - Saturday 17:00 - 22:30(L.O.21:30)

Restaurant Menu

Chanko-nabe Sumo hotpot (miso, soy sauce, or spicy miso) serves 1 (orders from 2 & up)
Blowfish stew with Ponzu citrus & soy sauce, serves 1 (orders from 2 & up)
Thinly sliced raw blowfish
Deep fried blowfish
_??_??_??A la carte
Shrimp dumpling
Black cod boiled in soy sauce & sugar
Bony parts of fish boiled in soy sauce & sugar
Fried chicken
Chikuwa fish paste tempura with dried seaweed
Fried ball of ground sardine
Boiled Japanese taro
(Menu excerpt)
_??_??_??Eight-course dinners
Chanko course
Fugu full course
Fugu sashimi course
Fugu-chiri course

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