Kouzou Location and Menu in Chiba, Japan

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Hours of Operation

17:00 - 24:00(L.O.23:00, Drink L.O. 23:30)

Restaurant Menu

Assorted sashimi 1,058 Yen
Grilled beef tongue 1,598 Yen
Seared chicken thigh 626 Yen
Seared pickled mackerel 734 Yen
Dried seafood 1,490 Yen
Vegetable Grill(Grill, Sauté) 1,058 Yen
Simmered beef tendon 680 Yen
Fried chicken wing tips 194 Yen
Japanese-style rolled omelet 626 Yen
Fried burdock 410 Yen
Lightly-dried Atka mackerel 896 Yen
Pizza 777 Yen
Potato salad 561 Yen
Tofu Salad 626 Yen
Other fried rice / rice dishes 680 Yen
Pudding 432 Yen
Assorted sashimi 1,706 Yen
Vegetable Grill(Grill, Sauté) 1,058 Yen

* Disclaimer: Information shown on the website may not cover recent changes. For current price and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.

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