Kouya Location and Menu in Tokyo, Japan

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Hours of Operation

Monday - Sunday & Day before holiday & Holiday Lunch: 11:30 - 14:30(L.O.14:00) Monday - Saturday Dinner: 17:00 - 23:30(L.O.22:30, Drink L.O. 23:00) Sunday & Holiday Dinner: 17:00 - 22:00(L.O.21:00, Drink L.O. 21:30)

Restaurant Menu

Shrimp Caesar salad with two-color sesame cheese dressing
Specially-selected tofu skin from Koya & seafood Caesar salad with wasabi dressing
Japanese vinegar marinated beef & organic vegetables
Scallions and chicken skewers (salt or sauce)
Liver (salt or sauce)
Chicken skin (salt or sauce)
Chicken wingtips roasted with black sesame
Chicken meatballs
Drinks Beer, Sake, whiskey, wine & more
Soft drinks Juice, mineral water, Oolong tea & more
Salt boiled broad beans The perfect partner for a beer
Stoneware simmered spicy beef sinew Beef sinew & arum root starch jelly simmered all day, so the spicy flavor soaks through to the core
Mini hotpot with whitefish & mountain ginseng Whitefish & fragrant mountain ginseng with fluffy egg
Miso-roasted mackerel Fresh mackerel in season, marinated in homemade miso for three days & nights, then roasted
Roasted scabbard fish & scallops with butter & soy sauce Seasonal seafood pair perfectly with soy sauce & butter
Yuba soy milk tofu Tofu made with double-rich soy milk. Served with herbs to compliment
Snow crab & spring mountain green tempura assortment Enjoy seasonal greens & crab, tempura style
Fatty beef tongue cooked on a ceramic plate We serve only tender, marbled cuts. Dip in rock salt & onion salt and enjoy.
Deep-fried river prawn Sweet prawns with a slight saltiness go perfectly with a good drink
Scallops & avocado roasted with miso & cheese Enjoy tender scallops with creamy avocado & cheese
Firefly squid with spicy vinegar miso Firefly squid liver is a distinctive treat with spicy vinegar miso
Mackerel sashimi Enjoy the flavor & texture of whitefish with just enough fattiness
Mongo squid sashimi You'll love the texture & sweetness
Minced seasoned Hokkai Botan prawn Botan prawn, minced & mixed with our special miso
Seared new Bonito Enjoy with mixed vegetables
Assortment of 3 fresh fish of the day A sampler of the day's fresh catch
Assortment of 5 fresh fish of the day A sampler of the day's fresh catch
Smoked pickled radish & cream cheese
Japanese-style rolled omelet
Parma Prosciutto & cheese assortment
Sashimi 1,580 Yen
Seafood salad 940 Yen
Tofu Salad 700 Yen A salad of tofu and vegetables.
Vegetable sticks 980 Yen
Steak 1,130 Yen
Seared chicken thigh 850 Yen Chicken thigh cooked over an open flame.
Japanese-style rolled omelet 750 Yen A dish of beaten egg mixed with 'dashi' stock and cooked while simultaneously wrapping.
Smoked 750 Yen A cooking process in which food such as fish or meat is flavored with smoke that comes from burning wood at a high temperature.
Nama-fu dengaku(fresh gluten cake) 960 Yen Fresh gluten cooked over an open flame, and brushed with a miso based sauce.
Fried chicken 850 Yen Chicken meat lightly battered and fried in oil.
Steak 2,980 Yen
Vegetable tempura 980 Yen Vegetables coated in a soft wheat flour batter and deep-fried.
Nigiri sushi 1,800 Yen
Inaniwa-style wheat noodles 940 Yen
Chirashi sushi 1,480 Yen
Shake Chazuke(salmon and rice with tea) 880 Yen Meals For 1Rice topped with grilled salmon and doused in Japanese tea.
Pudding 560 Yen
Gâteau au chocolat 650 Yen
Ice cream 460 Yen
6,000 JPY Course (5 Items) 6,000 Yen
Sashimi 2,300 Yen
Assorted tempura 1,850 Yen Platter of various kinds of seafood, vegetables and other ingredients, each piece coated in a soft wheat flour batter and deep-fried.
Other grilled fish 1,500 Yen
Other simmered fish 1,600 Yen
Steak 2,600 Yen
Chirashi sushi 2,300 Yen
Other set meals / set menus 1,950 Yen Meals For 1
Sashimi 1,580 Yen
Steak 2,980 Yen
Chirashi sushi 1,480 Yen
Nigiri sushi 1,800 Yen
Steak 1,130 Yen
6,000 JPY Course (5 Items) 6,000 Yen
tokisirazu 1,150 Yen Ichi-go (180ml)
nihon no tsubasa 2,400 Yen Ichi-go (180ml)
yume ha masayume 1,950 Yen Glass
dassai 1,250 Yen Ichi-go (180ml)
dassai 2wari3 9,800 Yen 720ml
hakkaisan 940 Yen
kagetora 780 Yen Ichi-go (180ml)
kyou onnna 780 Yen Ichi-go (180ml)
urakasumi 840 Yen Ichi-go (180ml)
kikuhime 880 Yen Ichi-go (180ml)
dewa no yuki 780 Yen Ichi-go (180ml)
kosino homare 840 Yen
kudoki zyouzu 840 Yen Ichi-go (180ml)
sawanoi 940 Yen Ichi-go (180ml)
dassai suparkuling 5,300 Yen 720ml
tomi no houzan 820 Yen Glass
kittyou houzan 770 Yen Glass
shima bizin 670 Yen Glass
sekitoba 820 Yen Glass
hakkaisan syoutyuu 770 Yen Glass
nakanaka 960 Yen Glass
zanpa 620 Yen Glass
dorahut beer 700 Yen Glass
beer 750 Yen Medium Bottle
yoiti 1,020 Yen Glass
omunoda meruro 8,000 Yen 750ml
chatou melusyan 4,500 Yen 750ml

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