ICHIRAKU Location and Menu in Kanagawa, Japan

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Hours of Operation

Monday - Sunday 11:30 - 22:30(L.O.21:30)

Restaurant Menu

2,500 JPY Course (8 Items) 2,500 Yen Adults
3,000 JPY Course (8 Items) 3,000 Yen Adults
Roasted pork (topping) 500 Yen Roasted pork fillet can be added as an extra topping.
Other Chinese stir-fries 1,000 Yen
Other Chinese stir-fries 800 Yen
Other Chinese stir-fries 700 Yen
Other Chinese stir-fries 1,400 Yen
Chinese Salad 940 Yen
Peking Duck 2,400 Yen
Shark fin stew 4,500 Yen
Simmered whole abalone 2,200 Yen a dish of abalone and vegetables simmered in soy sauce-flavored sauce.
Scallop and veggetable stir fry 1,300 Yen Scallops and vegetables stir fried with a small amount of oil.
Pepper steak 1,500 Yen
Sweet and sour pork 1,200 Yen
Twice cooked pork 1,200 Yen
Yu lin chi (Chinese-style fried chicken) 1,100 Yen
Crab omelette 1,200 Yen
Salted Chinese cabbage and garlic stir-fry 1,200 Yen
Shaomai dumplings 540 Yen
Spring roll 200 Yen
Xiaolongbao (soup dumplings) 760 Yen
Roasted pork ramen 810 Yen
Roasted pork ramen 810 Yen
Chinese noodles in Sichuan-style sesame paste soup 810 Yen
Other Chinese stir-fries 810 Yen
Other Chinese stir-fries 910 Yen
Other fried rice / rice dishes 810 Yen
Ankake fried rice 1,450 Yen Stir-fried rice and other ingredients topped with a thick seafood-based sauce

* Disclaimer: Information shown on the website may not cover recent changes. For current price and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.

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