Famiglia Location and Menu in Tokyo, Japan

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Hours of Operation

Lunch: 12:00 - 15:00(L.O.14:30), Dinner: 18:00 - 23:30(L.O.22:30, Drink L.O. 23:00)

Restaurant Menu

Tomato salad 650 Yen
Vegetable Grill(Grill, Sauté) 650 Yen A dish of vegetables broiled and fried in pan with a little bit of oil.
Green salad 780 Yen Meals For 1
Vegetable Grill(Grill, Sauté) 1,190 Yen A dish of vegetables broiled and fried in pan with a little bit of oil.
Vegetable soup 600 Yen
Other bread 350 Yen
Ham 880 Yen Meals For 1
Cheese 700 Yen Two
Unsalted grilled oyster 680 Yen
Other simmered fish 980 Yen
Pizza 1,240 Yen
Pizza 1,320 Yen
Pizza 1,400 Yen
Pizza 1,520 Yen
Pizza 1,620 Yen
Pasta with cream of porcini mushroom 2,400 Yen Pasta with cream sauce containing porcini mushrooms.
Seafood Pasta 1,080 - Yen
Pasta with Meat Sauce 1,580 Yen
Cream Pasta 1,720 Yen
Sauteed fish 980 Yen Fish sauteed with butter or oil.
Other boiled / steamed dishes 2,980 Yen Meals For 2
Carpaccio (fish) 1,080 Yen Meals For 1
Assorted appetizers 1,200 Yen Meals For 1Platter of various kinds of appetizers.
Assorted appetizers 1,800 Yen Meals For 1
Lasagna 1,520 Yen Meals For 1
Caprese 980 Yen
Carbonara 1,720 Yen
Rib steak 4,800 Yen
Green salad 1,400 Yen Meals For 2
Ham 1,400 Yen Meals For 2
Cheese 1,300 Yen Four

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