&ya Location and Menu in Kanagawa, Japan

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Hours of Operation

Monday - Sunday 17:15 - 24:00(L.O.23:00)

Restaurant Menu

Vegetable salad 630 Yen
Food dressed with salted kelp 490 Yen A dish of ingredients dressed with salted kelp (kelp braised with soy sauce and mixed with salt).
Bagna cauda 890 Yen
Steamed in a bamboo steamer 890 Yen Dishes made from putting foodstuffs into a bamboo basket and steaming them from below.
Assorted tempura 890 Yen Platter of various kinds of seafood, vegetables and other ingredients, each piece coated in a soft wheat flour batter and deep-fried.
Shiitake Mushrooms 590 Yen A dish of shiitake mushrooms fried in pan with a little bit of oil.
Mushroom butter stir-fry 690 Yen A dish of mushrooms stir-fried in butter in a frypan.
Mushroom tempura 690 Yen Mushrooms covered in a flour coating and deep fried.
Assorted sashimi 1,990 Yen
Assorted sashimi 1,490 Yen
Sashimi 890 Yen
Sashimi 790 Yen
Tuna tartare 700 Yen
Other vinegared / marinated / simmered vegetables 700 Yen
Salted and grilled tuna collar meat 1,680 Yen
Tuna steak 790 Yen
Edible raw liver 690 Yen
Satsuma-age 490 Yen One of many fish paste products, where minced fish is fried in oil to form fish cakes.
Omelet 600 Yen
Fried chicken wing tips 550 Yen Chicken wings (only the tips are used) lightly battered and fried in oil.
Pork loin steak 1,200 Yen
Chilled tofu 430 Yen Tofu that is chilled and served with condiments and soy sauce.
Other snacks / delicacies 320 Yen
Okizuke(pickles) 490 Yen Fish such as squid, horse mackerel and Japanese white borer pickled in soy sauce
Cream cheese 500 Yen A soft, mellow cheese which is made from milk or fresh cream.
Edamame beans 300 Yen Soybeans which are harvested when they are not yet ripe, and boiled in salt water.
Whitebait with grated daikon 450 Yen Baby sardines served with freshly grated daikon.
Seafood rice bowl 1,500 Yen Assorted sashimi served over rice.
Vanilla ice cream 300 Yen
Sapporo Black Label 550 Yen
Sapporo Black Label small 300 Yen
Yebisu 550 Yen
Kirin Lager Beer 550 Yen
Sapporo Premium Alcohol Free 380 Yen
Polestar 480 Yen
Kachiwari sparkling 500 Yen
yokohamabeer 700 Yen
Black Nikka Highball 400 Yen
Black Nikka Highball 400 Yen
Ginger Highball 400 Yen
Coke Highball 400 Yen
Yamazaki Highball 600 Yen
Tenshi no YuwakuHighball 800 Yen
Satsuma Hozan 400 Yen
Karari (Imo) 480 Yen
Kiccho Hozan 600 Yen
Tomino Hozan 600 Yen
Tenshi no Yuwaku 750 Yen
Waramugi 480 Yen
Nakanaka 580 Yen
Kyutokyuushu- 480 Yen
Juyondai Hizou 760 Yen
Torikai 630 Yen
Shimayusen 580 Yen
Zanpa white 500 Yen
Tantakatan 480 Yen
Chuhai 400 Yen
Ashigara Hi 450 Yen
Daruma sho-chu- 1,380 Yen
Red Umeshu 400 Yen
Koujitsu umeshu 480 Yen
Sato Nojo Umeshu 580 Yen
Satoh Noujou Kokutou 580 Yen
Yamada Juuroh 580 Yen
Umeshu Huruhuru 580 Yen
Ooshima no Yuzushu 580 Yen
Kouchashu 580 Yen
Aragoshi Orenge 580 Yen
a glass Wine (Red or White) 480 Yen
Laboure-Roi Chablis 5,000 Yen
Sangria 480 Yen
Samurai Rock 580 Yen
Red umeshu tea 500 Yen
Kappawari 530 Yen
Sparkling Mojito 580 Yen
Double sour 400 Yen
Hoppy Set (Hoppy and Non alcoholic beer) 530 Yen
Kamioooka Mojito 480 Yen
Soft Drink 290 Yen
Pork loin steak 1,350 Yen

* Disclaimer: Information shown on the website may not cover recent changes. For current price and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.

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